So I spent a portion of my December at the Umtentu River Lodge. The goal was to disappear and experience true unspoilt nature.


on the way to umthenthu


On our way we we greeted by very rough roads and spectacular waterfalls.

arrival at umthenthu


Arrival at the Umtentu river mouth. Fortunately I lost only one wheel on the trip!

River Run #1We spent a lot of time kayaking in the river. Normally the water is crystal clear, but this December it was murky because recent rains. Here’s my buddy Jacques enjoying himself at a waterfall in one of the tributaries.

River Run #1Because my little pickup was not made for the wild coast roads, the trip had to be cut short as soon as I had five days of no rain. That was the only way I could guarantee getting my transport back to society in one piece. Even with the very little time spent I got some good photos, of which you will see more below.

If you want to experience this yourself, contact the guys at Umtentu River Lodge and make a booking. You will not regret it!

This area has unique black-streaked sand beaches. Uninformed people think that it is signs of spills from oil tankers, but this is in fact titanium. It has become a curse on the land with prospectors working hard to find ways of exploiting this sensitive area in search of mineral wealth.

You can check out these links for more:




Below are some more imagery from my brief shoots in the area:

umtentu-8 umtentu-20 umtentu-19 umtentu-18 umtentu-17 umtentu-13 umtentu-14 umtentu-12 umtentu-16 umtentu-11 umtentu-15 umtentu-9 beach walk beach walk beach walk





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