Wednesday was workers day in South Africa (i think), and so Hendrik, Dirk and I decided to do some! We did it with paddles, 30 kilometers and 17 rapids of it!! Some of these rapids were a few hundred meters long!!!

Out with the kayaks and the paddles, a quick trip to Heyshope Dam, and a put in below the weir. Im not saying too much this time round except this:

I’m grateful it was not still in flood. The Dam operator now knows we are playing below his sluices and we have his blessing (lets keep it that way). This river is clean! It was also at a runnable level. 10 more cubics would have had the adrenaline flowing. Many strainers, but they are avoidable.

If you are a tangent wo/man you will get notified when this sweet river is pumping.Next time the river is up we will do a 2-3 day trip and see how close to the Swaziland border we can get before time catches up with us!

Big thanks to Hendrik and Dirk for being patient while I got out at rapid after rapid to get some footage. You guys are positive…whooooo!

Check out the photos and the video. If you share or modify it, please check out the licensing and share on the same terms: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Soundtrack to the video is Positive by Baïki, under the same license. Check them out and support them. Its free.

Tokolos Madlozi Masimbi Impi Ibhubesi 1 Ibhubesi Ibhubesi Ibhubesi Ibhubesi Izinyo Ibhubesi Izinyo Takeout Takeout Takeout Fingers


4 thoughts on “Scouting the Assegaai (Part 2)

  1. Realy a nice clean and enjoyable river…few strainers but with a few q it will be a very nice run….and lots of it…next time we are on for 2 day trip

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