“In late June 2013, Exxaro, one of South Africa’s largest coal-mining companies with assets of R41.6-billion, commenced opencast mining at Weltevreden pan close to Delmas, in the mineral-rich province of Mpumalanga.

Or rather, re-commenced.

Just over a year before, in early June 2012, the national Department of Water Affairs had ordered the company to cease mining activities because it was operating without a water use licence at Weltevreden Farm – a prerequisite for obtaining legal mining permissions.

Though the facts remained unchanged, Exxaro successfully litigated the issue in the North Gauteng High Court, on the basis that the disbandment of the Water Tribunal left them without a legal channel of appeal, as required in the National Water Act.”

Read the full story: http://oxpeckers.org/2013/12/ways-to-kill-a-wetland/


4 thoughts on “Ways to kill a wetland

  1. I would like to speak to you about the Weltevreden Pan as I’m doing mining research in Delmas. Can you contact me.

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