Published in The African Sentinel:

About 115 kilometers South-East of Witbank lies the sleepy town of Carolina. The villagers of Ebuhleni, just outside the town (previously known as MaFour), are farmworkers. They have always been. That was until Pembani Coal realised that there are profitable coal seams to be exploited under the farm where the village is located. The villagers have worked on this farm for many decades and according to the locals they were also allowed to graze their own cattle on the farm for the past forty years. But that’s all over now.

“Before the mine there was a lot of space here, there was a large pasture. When the mine came they divided that pasture in half. One side they dug for coal. The people are suffering a lot, and they don’t care how the people make a living. They just do whatever they like,” said Lesley Nkosi, a retrenched dairy foreman.

Read the whole story here: http://www.africansentinel.net/South-Africa-Pembani-Coal.html


2 thoughts on “Pembani Coal – Misdirected Benefit?

  1. Morning Franz. I appreciate you brining issues to the public through your blog but feel that you are being drawn into a political game on this matter. The mine has addressed and is addressing all community issues through the correct channels and I feel that you should contact the mine to get a balanced point of view. Kind regards. Ken

  2. Hi Ken,
    Thank you for staying in touch. I appreciate your opinion. Please note that this post is only an extract. The full report can be accessed via the link.

    Looking at the link & full report you will see that I did make great effort to engage with the mining company.

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