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As I explained in my previous post, Triwaters Tour has been eating all my time and energy. In a few days I will depart on this epic 2,500km eco-expedition that will engage with, and empower riverside communities along the Vaal and Orange Rivers.

The line from the source of the Vaal River to the ocean via the Orange River is the largest continuous water body within the borders of South Africa, covering a distance of more than 2 500 kilometers. In January 2015 three adventurers, Troy Glover (Canada), Brett Merchant (Australia) and Franz Fuls (South Africa), will follow this line from the source of the Vaal River close to Breyten in Mpumalanga to the mouth of the Orange River at Alexander Bay in the Northern Cape. The team will be engaging with local communities on river conservation, with a focus on education and biodiversity.

 Data on river health will be collected and publicized as part of the Triwaters conservation effort. This information will empower farmers and agriculture organizations to make informed strategic decisions on sustainability and river health.

Check out the latest post on our blog, and follow us on social media. We will be making daily updates!


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